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In San José  and Alajuela.
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Als, obtain your certificate of Primary, Third cycle, High school, Languages and Computation.    

Obtain your package of Windows, Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) Register Now and we either give you a course of a Language of your preference, either, English, French, Italian, Portuguese or German.

Consult on our courses: registration, schedules, installment, duration, etc. Secretariat, Accounting, Receptionist, Auxiliary of Accounting, Administration.


You invited  to being part of our group of students, with the best prices, the best schedules, the best professors and the best location.

These looking for the best place to reach your wicket!!

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       We are located:
San José
, of the
Librería Universal 25east y 25north. Building Alde 6th floor.   Alajuela, 125north of the cemetery of Alajuela, contiguous to the Guacamaya. Heredia, 200east of the south corner of the old Church, San Pablo of Heredia.

Telefax: (506)258-7258 / 256-0676    
     263-2229 / 431-4920


The student that learns a Language, ....

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